Fern Day

Yellooow nature lover,

I’m amazed how creativity is contagious!

Yesterday I went to the Rosebank Sunday Market, in Johannesburg, « chillax » as we say.  I’m walking around, seeing the same things, like every Sunday, and I’m a little bit sad to state that some people are selling amazing products but present them in such a unpleasant way.. or they sell a potentially great product but with little details missing to make it great.  I’m feeling moody, at this point. It appears that the ‘first impression’ factor is not in everybody’s mind.  Which I understand, but still it makes me prrrrruuuuwwww.


Suddenly I notice a new stand, different, out there, super creative! I almost run to it and discover not only an ultra cool product but also 2 awesome young entrepreneurs.

I go nuts in seconds and ideas are running wild in my head.  And I remember who I am, I feel good.

Their enterprise is new and they know where they are going.  I respect that very much.  Their concept is very clear.  And it’s not just the product itself, it’s the entire brand, it is its universe.

They know the story, and as they are crafting all of it with their hands, they talked about it with their hearts.

This is exactly the kind of brand I love and want to encourage.

They bring nature home; sound and safe, simply and respectfully, in such a beautiful and design way.

So here it is:

Black Fern on Facebook

Black Fern on Instagram

Back Fern on Pinterest

Their website will be up and running very soon!

And, of course, a little drawing of mine on top, I couldn’t resist, … as I said, creativity is contagious!

Have a fern day !






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