Honey, I need a big cupboard…


I’m sure I’m not the only one to have said this.

I’m probably one of the lucky one whose wish were executed like a week after, with a spin on it!


Hey creative spirits,

A week after my request to have a new cupboard in the kitchen, Greg came back home with this blue and yellow marvel.  I was like “yeaaaaaah, where did you find it? It’s amazing!”

And he humbly responded that he thought about it and visualized something and then decided to build it directly.  Like that, without drawings, without plans, … say WHAT?!!

I swear I couldn’t believe it.  Seriously, he’s so talented.  The details are awesome, the colors work perfectly with our interior, the size and height is just what I needed, and the inside is like I wanted.

See why I’m so lucky?!!!

I thought he should commercialize it, and let the customer decided which colors they want.    It’s still in process, but hola if you are interested!

Anyways, I thought it was just perfect, and I’m so happy that our house is filled with homemade objects that he designed.

cupboard in your face ahahah
I’m sooo proud of Greg’s surprising work !

PS : Note that this is a now picture, and the cupboard is at least 3 years old already, and it’s used everyday !

Cheers to that,





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