Think Pink Attitude


No I’m not going to dye my hair in Pink; I’ve been there, done that.

Yesterday was a big day for me.  I finally decided to get rid of my super long poney tail.

I’ve been taking care of my hair for 3 years now, growing them because … well I don’t know really.  I guess I felt sexy or romantic with long hair.  Except that I NEVER let them down.

See, my hair have a life of their own.  They just do what they want, changing aspect with humid or dry weather…  it’s insane.  So I never know what to do with them.  And even if I took great care of them (like nice organic product, honey, Argan oil…) I don’t show them to anybody.  It’s always a surprise, even for old friends, when I let my hair down.


Yesterday it was just enough.  I felt like a witch.  I needed a change.

And I thought, if I don’t want them anymore, I’m sure that someone would.  They are so beautiful and healthy.  I’m lucky, I want to share this.

So I discovered “Think Pink”.  It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Think Pink website for more intel.

But concerning hair donation, here’s the concept.  I just had to order a free envelope, and cut at least 20 cm (8 inches) of healthy hair, in between 2 elastic bands.

Here are some pictures to illustrate “the” change hihi


And let me introduce you to my friend, and precious hairdresser for the last … many years!  He’s an amazing talented guy.  Thank you for this moment my friend, I feel so awesome thanks to you.

Luc’s Facebook page

And here is the envelope that I received a few days later, THANK YOU Think Pink, you were super-efficient!

Thnik Pink envelope
Super-well organized, Think Pink Belgium sent me a envelope to send my hair back, and some cool liflet with all the infos you need to know on this Pink cause 🙂

Thank you for reading and





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