2 sec about me

I don’t especially like to talk about me.

Let just say that I finally accepted my ‘creative’ ‘artist’ label, and it changed my life.

I think deep down I always knew it, it just took me soooooooo long to consider that it was ok, that I could live like this.

Practically, I’m a woman born before the internet era (yeaaah dude), when it was cool do mix tapes and when you used the phone to actually talk to one another.  We also used to write, you know, on paper, and send our thought through the mail, like with a stamp.


I’m also a wonderful wife (ahaha) since 2008.  And the guy who said yes is amazing.  I have his ear, his advices and his un-judging patience on my side.  I share all my creation with him first; he has “the eye”, he pushes me to go further when I’m ready to stop.

Since 2015, I’m an almost perfect mother (hihi again) of my daughter Zoe.

She made me want to be proud of myself.

We have dreamed of that little beating heart sooo much, you have no idea.   So when she entered our lives, I thought anything was possible.  If this dream came true, that I can go for it, grab another dream and just fight for it until it’s real.

Final words, so I can give you a little heads up for this blog… or not, sorry.  There is no logic here, it’s like a spread of things all over.  Like a giant moodboard of my brain.   See I don’t have one think I like but so many that I couldn’t choose.  I’m interested by everything, no matter the source.

Open bar today guys, enjoy.


PS : My native language is French.  I’m trying to translate everything myself, please excuse me in advance for my mistakes, I’m still learning.