« Dîner de Printemps » Escalpade ensemble.

What an SPECTACULAR night ! Such a long and intense preparation, so many people involved. I was lucky to be one of them !

So let’s explain the context first : Escalpade is a Belgian non-profit organisation that helps multiple-disabilities persons, children included.

This is their website, they will explain it better than I do : https://www.escalpade.be/

Escalpade works because some amazing people regroup and give their time and love, and energy to volunteer. It’s truly mind blowingly extraordinary what is achievable when the purpose is set … and people get together with a mission. But an organisation as such needs money as well.

This is the invite I had the pleasure and honor to create for them. Last Saturday (25th of March 2023) the PARTY was on, to collect funds but also to talk about Escalpade’s futur projects. And they need to be talked about, it needs to get out there.

(printed on thick paper, double-sided)

And this is the Diner’s program I formatted for the Diner’s guests.

They need help. Check it out, connect if you feel you could help out, one way or another. Feel the good vibes !

Thank you and good, no, SUPERB day to you,

With love


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