Because my daughter is learning how to read…


Ok so this is one of my dream, a big one ! I’ve been drawing and writing and reading little books for my daughter for the last 6 years. But now, she wants to be able to read them on her own… So I had to make this happen !

And here we go, and alongside, one of my dream to publish books is out there. This makes me sooooo happy !

So this is going to be a book series, specifically about different sounds, because that’s the technique my daughter is learning at school.

You have NO IDEA how very amazingly PROUD I was when I heard her read it out loud, and laughing, and turning the pages.

This is the link to the page, of course I recommend you try it out with your kids as well hihi. And please stay tuned, the other sounds are coming soon.

Alright.. little teasing …

I choose Dino’s because my daughter absolutely loves them ! And I kept the drawing simple, but clear. Also, there is a little game at the end of the book.

I’m not 100% convinced that the print is the best it could get – colour wise – , even if I choose the Premium printing paper… But hey, it’s new for me too, at least I’m FINALLY daring to do this 🙂

Thanks for you support,

Have a beautiful day.


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