BabyShower – Q & A

So here is the thing, several years back I drew these for one of my bestie’s improvised babyshower. I just found them back into my folder and was like ooooooh so many good memories !

Anyways, I changed the text a little bit, and it’s in french (available in english upon request:), you can download them right here. And it’s ready ! Girl’s night out !

Print these on A4 format.

This one is to be cut in 8 cards, that the mother-to-be can pick-up and answer 🙂

This one is prettier in color, but black&white works just fine too.

This one is to keep until the baby is born, to see who was closest to the truth… Maybe make it a bet; a Champagne bottle for the winner?

And the last one for the road :

Enjoy & Share,

Have a great day,



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