Wedding invitation, watercolour style


It’s always such a blast for me when I’m being called to create something unique and personal for someone’s special occasion.

In this case, I’m in charge of a wedding invitation.

As it is a personal event, I won’t go too much  into the details.


The guidelines were to « paint » a watercolour kind of window to the event’s landscape.

But not quite.

Just like a veil you would peek under to feel the vibe being shared for the special day’s.

I received several pictures from the spot where the event would take place, and start composing the « painting ».

Because in fact, I didn’t use a single brush. All of this is has been drawn on Illustrator, with a special brush.  Well, several brushes really.

I took a long time to find the right balance of elements, transparency and colors.

Also, they wanted some paired animals, spreading love all around.  Discreetly.

As it is such a beautiful place, isolated in nature.

I feel blessed that the woman shared this adventure with me, as she is smart and creative. She had a vision, and I followed her intentions the best I could. Not stopping before every details felt like in the right place.


Amazing process and experience for me.

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