Potato Painting – the return


This time, I used an Organic cotton tote bag as the art support.

The idea was to use them as gifts “paper wrapping”.

Crazy fun to do, and the material is quite simple really :

  • Tote bags (I found these on Amazon);
  • Some potato’s (small, big, long, short.. it depends what you want to do);
  • Acrylic paint (water-based paint tends to be tricky when it rains).  I choose fluo-type paints, i wanted it to POP !
  • Some cardboard to slide inside the tote bag, to avoid the paint to go through/overflow.

A little close-up :

Patato painting close-up
And another fun afternoon on fruit mode, and potato of course!


I hope you will have fun as much as I did.

If you don’t know what kind of designs you want to paint, try to spend 5 minutes on Pinterest 🙂 MASSIVE inspirations, this one is almost totally inspired by one painting I saw on there!





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