DIY – Unique-Unicorn Costume


So it’s Halloween season again.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOVE the creativity that surrounds this Holliday.

This is what we’ve come up with last year.

Materials :

  • cardboards (I used the cardboard boxes that you receive when shopping online);
  • pink paint and glitter … of course;
  • an old boa pink scarf for the feathers;
  • glue gun;
  • modpodge (optional)
  • cutter and cutting board;
  • some thick string or ribbon;
  • some painter’s tape (optional);
  • acrylic paint and some big paintbrush;
  • patience…


So, it’s important to determine the size of your costume as it needs to fit your child (or yourself :))

So the main box, the “body” box must coincide with your size and body shape.

Careful also when sizing the unicorn head : you don’t want it to enable your vision.

You can also cut a tail, optional, but it’s the same process.

The strings will make it possible to “wear” it lower or higher.

Let’s go now:

Draw and cut the unicorn head shape (minding the size).


first step in the DIY Unique-Unicorn costume
draw, cut and admire the future unicorn head

Then, and you don’t have too, but I thought the edges were a little bit baaah, so I taped them.  It’s painter’s tape, easy and smooth.

Second step in the DIY Unique-Unicorn costume
Unicorn in becoming

On the main box, the “body” box, secure every corner, with some tape if necessary, like if the box was closed.  Then cut a hole, in the middle, so the body can pass through.

Not too much, not too little.  This was the hard part for me.

Then assemble the body and the head by cutting a small part on the “body” box, and insert the head.

third and fourth step in the DIY Unique-Unicorn costume
The structure is done. Ah, my bad, there is no tail yet…

You ready for the first cover-paint part.

fifth step in the DIY Unique-Unicorn costume
paint it all, paint it white for the basic colour, then go crazy.

In the meantime, I draw and cut both eyes, using then paint and glitter.  I added some modpodge+glitter pearls of white in the eyes, I wanted them to spark.

sixth step in the DIY Unique-Unicorn costume353
piercing unicorn’s eyes

Theeeeen, it’s time for the colouring.  Remember, don’t go to crazy on the paint layers; if your cardboard is too wet, it will warp.

seventh step in the DIY Unique-Unicorn costume
Outside sun and pink unicorn love

As you can see, we added a tail, and some “protection” around the unicorn’s neck.  It’s more stable this way.

And by any means, let dry !

When it’s done, adjust the strings, so it’s already checked.

Then decorate, glue feathers on the tail, and on its the neck… glitter it all.

I added some gold-ish/glitter-ish wings on the sides…

This step took me a long time, one feather at a time.  But I most definitely enjoyed it a lot.   It took form before my eyes, and my daughter’s eyes, and the sentiment felt GREAT !

So here it is,


DIY Unicorn costume in action
Here they go, ready to partyyyy !


It was my first “big” costume DIY, it took a long time but it was sooo worth it!

Thanks to Pinterest and it’s crazy waves of inspirations.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any kind of questions.



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