Medical practice waiting room poster (bam!)


Today I’m going to share a poster I’ve made for an amazing friend of mine, who happens to be a family doctor.

She is working in a Medical group practice, which has a dynamic and feminine super vibe.

She asked me to find a nice and polite way to tell patients to remain calm, and well, respectful of medical receptionist… what?

I was surprised.. What does she mean?

Well, it seems that some people would rather get crazy screaming at the receptionist than wait for their doctor to receive them.  They lash out on someone that is not responsible, wrongly thinking it would make their doctor magically appear, … whaaaaat?

The way I see it;  family doctors are like special forces of nature. They will care for you, and your family. They will know all your secrets and try to help you to overcome difficulties.. and as I said, they will care. They also have to act depending on the urgency of a matter and, sometimes, make extra quick decisions. And very complicated too.

So yes, maybe your doctor is late for your appointment.. but maybe he/she is actually saving someone’s life.. maybe your mother’s.. maybe yours next time.

So to keep it light and simple, because there is not need to get agressive either way :

This is the poster :

Be nice with your doctor
respect and care in a medical environment.

If you want this (free) version to print at home, send me an email 🙂

If you want it in english, same thing, just email me 🙂

The English version would go something like this :

“This is a respectful and benevolent zone”

“If your doctor, nurse, physiotherapist is late (yes, it can happen…)

it’s not because he went to grab a french (belgian!!) fries to eat…

He/she may be caring/treating an urgent matter.

Thank you for remaining courteous (nice?) with the person who is welcoming you in the practice.

They are not responsible for the potential delays.

Please know that your doctor is doing the best he can to be on time.”


Have a GREAT day !




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