His Road to Kona


This article is especially dedicated to my awesome brother-in-law, Nicolas Sapieha.

Next weekend (13 October) he will participate in the ICONIC IRONMAN World championships in Kona, Hawaii. It’s on invitation only; he has earnt his with an incredible performance in the IRONMAN race in South Africa earlier this year.

You have NO idea how many hours of preparation and efforts he put into this,  the restrictions and sacrifices he makes. This man is so focused it’s inspiring, it gives wings sometimes.

Anyways, this is a drawing of him, included in the IRONMAN logo, representing the proud colours of the Belgian flag.

For those who don’t know what an IRONMAN is, this is the official website.

IRONMAN Official Website

Fun fact: the first Ironman race took place in 1978 by a US Navy man on a dare; only 15 people competed the first year and 3 didn’t even finish. Nowadays the event counts around 2400 participants each year from countries all around the world! Insane !

Other fun fact: heat bouncing of lava causes the temperature to increase to 38 degrees C°, causing some athletes to hallucinate during the race.  Yeah, it’s gonna be crazy !! For sure !!

Go check Nicolas’s ‘My Road to Kona’ Facebook Page.  I love it, he his very thorough.  You almost feel Hawaii’sun 🙂

Nicolas on FACEBOOK

My dearest Nicolas, we admire you.

You ROCK !



From Bruxelles, with love.



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