For F**K Sake, but polite !

Hello Hello,

It’s been a looong time.
I’m back again, hopefully more consistent, at least I will try, promise.  Let’s just say that it was a super long summer ! And I did many other things, that I will share now and in the following days.

So this is the first one : an insult.  Yes, that’s right.  Or at least some words that you CANNOT say out load in a room with a child.  He/She will repeat it for sure, and you will feel like a bad adult!

So this is the drawing concept; not super clear at first, but then, it’s still saying what it’s saying.

Anyways, less blabla, more drawings 🙂

You can also find them on my shop on SPREADSHIRT if you want it on a T-shirt, a mug or what not.

Cheers and have a GREAT day !

Frog Sake
Simple but efficient !




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