Bakali is ready to PARTYYYY


A few month back, I was asked if I could give a fresh look to some of BAKALI’s Rice cakes packagings, and also design some new ones, in the same vibe.

This was a super cool opportunity since I’d never done this at this scale.

So earlier this week, I received the packaging samples and I’m so excited to share them with you. I’m super proud of the result; mostly because it was a fun and interesting adventure.

Here they are, FRESH looking new packagings  :

The Original-Ones :

The Original Ones

The multiseed-Ones :

The Multi Seed Rice Cakes
BAKALI’s Millet, Sunflower seeds and Sorghum NEW Look.

The Unsalted-Ones

The Unsalted Rice Cakes
BAKALI Chia and Quinoa seeds Rice Cakes, in their freshened up new packaging.

Check out the plant drawing on the side; I’m so glad of the actual real result.


You can already find the Rice Cakes in stores, but still with the old packaging, the new ones will come soon.

The 3 new packagings, chillin'
In the meantime, in my garden… Rice Cakes PARTY !

And these are new products, and so mostly new packaging, name and designs. BTW, Tasting super good too!


All of it was a team effort; The BAKALI people already had a creative direction in mind, and they have been thorough in their guidelines.  I appreciate that; BAKALI’s team cares about what they do. It most certainly makes them good at it.

For the « say whaaaaaaaat » story, here is the fun twist.  This is how all of this started:

A few months back, I received a phone call from someone called Diego, from BAKALI.  He says he got my number from a common friend, here, in Joburg. We talked and decided to meet, we exchanged emails.

Then Diego calls me back, and he’s like « hey, it’s me, We actually know each other ! ».

All right, it’s crazy, yes? I mean, I’m on the other side of the world (I originally come from Belgium) and someone who knows me from Belgium is calling me! The world is so small sometimes, it could enter my pocket !

But this is how we met the first time:

Years ago, I’m blessed to be one of my 3 best friends bridesmaids.  We call each other : the Quatro.  It’s a kind of fortress nourished by love and trust, and so many stories&bubbles.

So, I’m sitting at the newlyweds table, next to one of the groom’s best man.  And he is funny, and talks his mind.  I can tell he is fair, and honest.  Adventure is calling him; he wants to experience outside Belgium, and I totally understand that !

The fact that we weren’t having the same kind of discussions that people ALWAYS have, made that diner one of the best event-dinners I’ve been to.

I’m grateful to my girl-friend to have placed him next to me, such a nice encounter.

At that time, he was leaving to work with his family in Zambia.  I never saw him again… until I moved here, in Joburg, and that apparently he did too, before us.  So yes, you’ve guessed it, Diego is that guy! Fun way how things go round.

He is now the head of BAKALI products and he rocks that thing !

You can find and follow his work on : @bakalifoods




I truly hope I’ll be called to work with them again, and not only for the free rice cakes samples hihi:)

Have a magnificent day, wherever ever you are,



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