DIY Potato Painting 


Soooo, this is what I’ve been doing this morning 🙂

This morning crafts result
Pineapples, Ladybugs and watermelons potatoes painting. With some Z’ss

This activity can take as long as you want.  We painted for an hour and a half.

Material :

  • Potatoes (big/small.. whatever),
  • Knife or something to cut pieces of potatoes,
  • Paint (water based) I end up using aquarelles.
  • Paint brushes, glass of water, cloth, clothes protection (I use an old T-shirt),…
  • Paper (I used cardboard style paper, I like the fact that it is thicker.  I tried with white paper, but I guess I must be nice with some coloured paper)
  • (Washi tape)

And theeeeen,

Well you choose the pattern you want to potato-paint. You draw it if necessary on the cut-in-half potato.  And the you cut the blank spot, it will make your pattern appear in 3D.

For pattern’s inspirations : I spend some time on Pinterest (daaaah) and selected the ones I liked best to do with my 2 1/2 years old daughter. You can check the file on my Pinterest profile:

My new Pinterest account

Under « DIY crafts for kids », « potato painting ».

I didn’t try them all this morning but I’m quite glad with the result.  Most of all, Zoe had a lot of fun! And I got to show her how to paint with aquarelle, take care of the brushes… and I was happily surprised to notice how she takes this very seriously.

I decided that one of the potato cut will be her stamp/signature. And I absolutely looove the reversed Z.

Time for painting process :

I tried first to display a thin layer of paint in a small plate, in order to plunge my potato in it. But as my potatoes are super small, it was just a giant mess.

So, I tried sticking a fork in the potato, and it was already better.

But the nice and smooth result was when I used Aquarelles and a paint brush to apply it directly on the potato-pattern.

Less messy, more precise, better looking.

While some of the painting were drying, Zoe wanted to paint with the brushes.  It was nice, it gave me the time to paint the small details on the ladybugs and on the watermelons.

Also, I tried to frame with Washi tape some of the potato paintings, it gives them an extra look (again, Pinterest users, I thank you!).

#unfiltered Potatoes Painting results
#watermelons #pineapples #ladybugs


With Washi tapes frames
With Washi tapes frames

Don’t forget to date/sign the paintings.  I always take pictures too.  I surround myself with those, it inspires me.

And Zoe had a great time Z’ing her potato signature stamp :

Next time I want to try with the little monsters patterns, they look super fun to make.

In the meantime, thank you for following this blog, and if you like it, don’t hesitate to share it:)

On the Wall
On the Wall of Fame !

Have a bright potato day,



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