Learning cards FR/EN, ready to be downloaded.

Hello Mama’s and Papa’s,

Today, I would like to share some learning cards I have made a few months back.

We knew we were coming to South Africa and we wanted our less than 2 years old daughter to learn some english words, as she was learning to speak her first french words at the time.

So this is the way that I have found.  I think it’s fun, but yeah, I’m not objective.

She was playing with DUPLO a lot, and loved it when we were building towers.  So I used DUPLO’s as my practical inspiration.

This is the first 4 cards, in A4 format, ready to be printed.

To make them ‘stronger’, I covered them in adhesive transparent paper.

If you like them, and you would like to see/download/print some more, please, let me know.

Of course, never hesitate to share 🙂

Hope you will enjoy, as will you little dragon!

Have a great colorful day,

Cheers mes petits chouxxx de Bruxelles,






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