DIY Dragon’s Binoculars


This is the glorious time for HOME ACTIVITIES, if you have your child for the Holidays, and she/he/them? is/are in a SUPER energy mood.

So is mine.

We have tried to organize a lot of DIY-activities that we can do with her, partly or completely.  I will try to post all of them, even if it’s rough:)

This is the magic BINOCULARS.  Of course, it depends what your child is looking for from it’s castle.

It’s very fast to do, but it will be used for a long time !

And this is how you do it (it is the most easy and fast DIY, like, EVER !)

Materials :

  • 2 plastic bottles (or empty toilet paper roll..)
  • Tape
  • Paint spray
  • a little protection paper for painting.. or not..

And theeeeen :

Clean and dry the plastic bottles.  Cut the bottoms parts.

We went outside to paint, the smell doesn’t feel right at first, so it was better outdoors.

Be mindful of the wind if there is any. Follow the instructions on the paint spray cans.

Let dry.  Repeat if necessary.

Cut some long pieces of tape (depending on the size of it), and tape the 2 painted bottles together.

And there you go, ready for the search adventure.

Good luck and Godspeed.



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