Again.. I know.. I love FLUO !


This is more a child-type cover, but hey, the important thing is the craft itself.

My 2 ½ years old daughter and I had some great time choosing the pictures, and the super fluo paper to cover her new journals.

We used an old newspaper, and spent some time ‘reading’ it; choosing and cutting off the images she liked.

Then, we assembled all of the images/pieces of fluo papers on one side of the cover, then on the other side. This took a while, but it was interesting to talk shapes with her, and let her assemble the pieces together.

I did the final touch myself, with adhesive plastic; to give it a protective and shiny style.

Zulu journa
Cover it up with baby lions and fluo love

I used to draw all her covers on Illustrator, but we just entered a new era. I needed to adapt to her growing up, and wanting to draw/create next to me, and as I’m doing.

I still need to cool off more, because I’m not used to have a child toy with my work material/utensils. And it still gets a little bit on my nerves. But I realized I was feeling more comfortable when I prepare a nice ‘working’ spot for her, and it makes her feel more grown-up too. Win-Win situation.

And I know how important it is for her to cut/paste/colour/paste again/use glitters/empty glitter bottle/tear paper/tape it together…. You know what I mean.

With fluo love from Joburg,




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