H&M Giraffe T-shirt MAKEOVER


This is probably a struggle you already faced with your kids : it’s time to throw away her/his absolute FAVORITE t-shirt.

The one, the only, THE t-shirt that makes them smile.

And you know that it won’t me a nice moment, like not at all.

Of course, you don’t get to choose the Fav T-shirt, it’s out of your hand.

My Zoe choose this one :

H&M kid t-shirt from like 2 years ago.
stretched, used, stained, … this one HAS to go!

Yes, as I said, I didn’t have the choice of her favorite one.  And she started to wear it when it was way too big for her.  And now, it’s too small… it’s also most certainly stretched,  stained, spotted, … well it has to go.

But my heart is not into it.  I know she will be super sad.  So this is my solution.

The Pink Parrot is very important.  As the Butterflies.

I hope she will love the result.  I just need to go test-print it, and we will see.

Hopefully, my new version will have as much success.

Anyways, as always I had such a good time drawing this.

And I feel blessed that I get to do this for Zoe.

IF some of you have the same problem with the same t-shirt (you never know, I have to say it!), and IF you like the makeover, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll send you the template.

Have a Pink and Butterfly day,






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