Clandestine Graffiti, 1.

Hello spray-paint-smell-sniffers,

As you might know, I’m currently living in Johannesburg, South-Africa.

It’s an amazing city; often misjudged, most of the time set aside on a Holiday trip, letting other South-African cities be the visited ones.

This is a place you need to absorb, by taking your time to discover it’s hidden and revealed colorful aspects.

I like to walk everywhere; it’s the best way to feel the rhythm of a town.

And as I went, I came across some amazing art work: sometimes displayed for everyone to see, other times, a little bit out of sight (like on a pavement step).

I tried to take good pictures, but it’s not with my professional camera, sorry about that.

Allright, these are the first ones, I will post some more later on.

Have a beautiful colorful day,


Cheers mes petits chouxxx de Bruxelles,


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