Last but not least, the Leopard.

Hello Russian Dolls fans 🙂

Here is the last one of the Big Five Russian Dolls series, the beautiful and majestic Leopard.

I realize that drawing the face, I didn’t respect the same ‘childlike’-style as the other ones.  I tried to simplify, again and again, and it was just so hard.  I actually love the face details on this one! But I will change the face as soon as I have found the perfect company to produce these dolls.  In the meantime, the leopard looks like its my favorite among them all.  I would lie if I said I didn’t absolutely admire this animal.  But I love the other ones too.. It’s just that I got carried away drawing the details of its face.


This is the last one of the series, frontal view.

So it’s not over, I still need to draw their backsides!

Have a great day,


Cheers mes petits chouxxx de Bruxelles,


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