Number 3, Rhino Russian Doll

Hello Russian Dolls Fan,

Here is the Famous Rhino, as the number 3 Russian Dolls from the BIG FIVE series.

I hesitated to draw the Buffalo first, but it appears that the Rhino actually IS bigger than the buffalo.  I know it’s weird, but I wasn’t sure at first.  And when I checked online, I saw videos of fight in between rhino and buffalo, wwwwttttffff…

Anyways, size and weight is formal, Rhino wins the 2nd place in the Russian Dolls series.

Drawing-wise; I must say that I struggled for this one.  The Lion has it’s mane, the Elephant has its ears, and the Rhino has, well, nothing on the side of its head really.  So there is a blank spot on the sides of its head.. I don’t know if I like it, maybe I will change it later.

So here it is, Rhino Russian Doll in its natural habitat.

Have a great day,

Cheers mes petits chouxxx de Bruxelles,

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