Some Yoghurt Love


This is a new fun thing I do: re-design something that I like, but think it could be different, even maybe in a cooler way…


For the last month, I’ve been eating EVERY morning this amazing-delicious-SuperExtra creamy Yoghurt! It’s just like eating a cloud, in the middle of a rainbow. Yeah, … that good! And I’m a hard judge on yoghurt; I’ve tried many many many before selecting this one as my absolute favorite!

And because I see it everyday, I guess it grew on me… And after a while I thought; why not drawing the cow, why not changing the fonts, why not show the claims a clearer way…  This is the way it looks on my breakfast table :

Gourmet greek as it is
Oooh an empty yoghurt container… waw..

So yes, the first draft is out, as you can see up the page. I’m still not sure of the fonts in the center, .. but i didn’t want to go too far from the original.  I mostly like the cow drawing.

Gourmet Greek 'à ma sauce'
Look me in the eyes 🙂


I’ve sent it to The Gourmet Greek Yoghurt people, you never know, maybe they will like it. But I realize that the packaging that I have in my hand is not the same I see on their website…I think they already gave it a new look.


So yeah, I drew a blue cow … my daughter absolutely LOVES it! And that is the most important thing for me.


Have a great light and peaceful day,





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