Savage Kong

All right my creative friends,

What’s popping?

Yeah, I don’t usually talk like that, I’ve just been watching some Logan Paul’s videos on Youtube, and now that phrase is in my head! Although it may not be what he’s saying, I’m not sure… My English is still fresh.

Anywayyyys. The guy is a crazy dude, like far out. It’s actually what I like about him, and about the show he’s giving.

He has this tiny dog, super cute, named Kong, and I just needed to do something.

Kong on Instagram

So here it is.

And some details :

savage kong typo
Close up on the typo

Cheers mes petits chouxxx de Bruxelles, and Cheers to the Logang !

In case you don’t know the dude :

Logan Paul on Instagram

Logan Paul on Youtube

And in case you want some clean apparel Logan Paul Shop



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