Golden Cat says Hi

Hello Kitties lovers,

Curiously, I’m not especially fond of cats…

Probably because everyone around me is like allergic to them.

Probably also because, well, they are completely unpredictable, and it spooks me a little.

Anyways, this one is different.

It’s a drawing (daaaahaaaaaa) from a little statue that I brought back from holidays. From Bangkok to be precise. I was pregnant with my daughter, and it was our last vacations before our first-born child.

The entire trip, I wanted to possess on of these little kitty that we saw EVERYWHERE.

Last day, we found some very cheap ones, but still ok.


I wanted to draw it for a long time, finally it’s done. The golden effect was a challenge, fun one though. And I’m pretty glad of the result.


Et voila.

Now you can have it too, on a t-shirt, or whatever accessories you want.

Check on my Spreadshirt account: Cat on T-shirt

Cheers mes petits chouxxx de Bruxelles,



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