Angel lamp

Or how to makeover an « ok » lamp (no, a « boring » lamp) into a nice Angel style lamp.

Yellooow creative souls,

I have absolutely NO credit for this one.  Indeed, it was Greg’s idea to DIY this one, after checking out some awesome ideas on Pinterest:

Lamp DIY inspiration on Pinterest

Our daughter wasn’t born yet.

He wanted to make her room super special, but very simple.

For weeks and weeks he worked in the garage, immersed in amazing ideas.

This lamp is one of them.

Isn’t it just waw?!

Material needed:

* an old basic lamp or lamp structure (you know the paper+ wires ball lamp… Ikea anyone?!)

*Plastic spoon (this is bugging me a little because it’s plastic… We usually recycle stuff, so this is an exception.)  Be ready to break spoons handles, like a zillion time (use gloves).

*Glue gun or super glue.

*And my friend, a lot of patience! Be precise, be ordered, and follow the structure.  Start from the very bottom of the structure, and round and round you go all the way to the top!

Angel lamp process
how to do it .. kinda

If you encountered some difficulties, check out Pinterest: “ DIY Lamp makeover plastic spoon” and you will find everything you need.

Note that Greg decided to change the lamp original wire for another one, with more pop.

He took the wire from an orange Kartell suspension lamp.  And I think it was a good idea.

(like the orange one on this picture)

kartell lampe suspension orange
wire idea example

Go crazy, go fun, put your own touch in everything.

It’s ok to inspire yourself from the amazing stuff that people are creating all around the world, but always try to make it something new, something yours.  You’ll like it better.


So this challenge is a success.  I tried (we he tried) and we think the result is YEAH !





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