Musketon, or my ‘drivethru’ inspiration


This is like a fan article.  I LOVE Musketon’s work.

I discovered him a while back, and i still love his stuff.

This guy is amazing! His creative mind is all over the place, it’s so FUN!!

I met him twice, and he is also super nice.

He is creating all kind of different stuff, from posters, stickers, t-shirt, to cars art, spreading the knowledge with tutos…

I have like several Musketon’s art piece at home, it’s affordable, and it’s colourful.

This is a picture from a poster I bought from him some time ago.  The details are crazy, you need to go check out this dude’s work:

Musketon Web site

Musketon's painting
This is NOT something that a created. This is someone else’s work. One of my favorite Belgian artist. Go check it out !

This is another one, hanging around in my daughter’s bedroom :

rocking Baby
Yo yo yooooooooooo mijn bru say whaaaaaaaaaat


Musketon’s Instagram




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