Boring soap dispenser VS it’s NOT boring anymore

Yellooow Dudesons,

This is an old one, but it still looks fresh.  Yeeaaaah ahahah.  I’m in a good mood, just saying !

A few years back, one ordinary day, the soap bottle just made me feel sad.  Go figure!  It was so boring looking! (that’s like a fact!)

I took my Posca’s out, and went through Pinterest’s ideas and BAM.

You can also paint with acrylic paint, same thing.

I’m so disappointed that I don’t find the original Russian dolls drawing, it’s been a long time, but it’s not fair for the person who had the idea, and I’m sorry.

Just so you know, I tried with acrylic paint and a brush, and it’s working as well.

Anyways, I wanted to keep it, so I refilled it many times.

(and note for self, it’s less expensive to buy soap in a huge can, and refill this small soap dispenser).




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