Homemade Child’s desk.


Ok today I wanted to share a stupidly great idea!

My 2 years old daughter loooooves to draw.  I’ve been seeing her drawing on the floor, on my walls, on my bed.. and I realized that it was because she didn’t have a proper place to sit and draw.

So I’m alone that day, and it drives me nuts. Normally it’s my hubby who has the best ideas for this type of things.

I look around and I see a bunch of wooden wine boxes.  And guess what ?! It’s the right size for her when she’s sitting.

So I get some good tape, and tape 2 boxes together.  The tops of the boxes are now ‘glued’ together, so she can have some room for her legs.  And for someone else’s legs too.  It makes it even more awesome!

Don’t forget to check for possible splinters, or even nails.  It’s important that the wood is very smooth.

YEAAAAAH ! I took me 2 minutes.

I wanted to draw on the boxes, make it hers, you know, pretty… but she got there first.

I got a small stool for her to seat, but this one (on the picture) is not the prettiest.

Also, I wanted to find a way to include her pen carrier, like on the side or something.  I will check for something simple, and practical.  Or if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to share them.

Voila !





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