Zoe’s daycare book cover


My daughter is for now in daycare 3 (small) days a week.  And it’s breaking my heart.

Thankfully, she is being taking care of by an amazing woman.  And everyday, we are being asked to write in a book in order to give informations about our kid.  Like did he/she sleep well, eat ok, or anything else that would explain a certain mood.

I took this very (way!!) too seriously.

Since day 1, I’ve been trying to complete it the best way I could.  I also decided to make it very personal.  So whenever I took the book and start writing, my daughter would know that she was going to go to Daycare.

Soon enough, she knew what book was hers, I pasted a huge fun picture of her on each book.  But now that she likes to draw, now that I know what kind of objects she likes, I decided I would draw something special for her.

This is the result.  She loves it.  She grabs it every chance she gets, and start writing in it too.  It’s “her” book, she caries it with pride.  And somehow, it makes me feel better.

Hereafter is her previous book, I had fun with collage technique, one of my ‘go-to’ favorite thing to do.

Daycare bookcover 'collage' style
fun fun fuuuuuuun !





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