Father’s day gift


Here is a GREAT gift idea to do with a child for any kind of family members, for any type of special occasion really.

It’s so simple it’s almost not fair, and the result is very convincing.  Also, because it’s a mug, it can be used like -all the time-.

I looked up many many different blogs/web sites about this, and I tried to combine different stuff that I liked, and also adapt with the material that I could find.

My daughter was at the time 1 ½ years old.  So I did help a lot, but she still got to have fun, and make it personal.  She says now, every morning, ‘cadeau papa’, which means ‘gift daddy’, and she is sooo proud.

Ok, the material is:

  • 1-2 (or whatever) mugs. I bought porcelain, but ceramics is good too.  Choose the cheapest one you can find.  (the varnish on a cheaper mug is less effective, so the pen-paint will stick better)
  • Small fun and letters stickers.
  • Sharpie Oil based pen, or any kind of porcelain pen. (I had 3 colors, cause it’s expensive, and 3 was good I thought)
  • An oven is necessary.

When you have it all, wash and dry the mugs,

Place the stickers as you want them, (I did this myself, without my daughter)

Then, I asked Zoe to draw on the mug, wherever she wanted, on and off the stickers.

I waited for a while for the paint to be dry.

When it was dry, I took the stickers off, very carefully.

I then ‘baked’ the mugs in the oven, at 220C° for 30 minutes (420F°).  But read what’s on the pen, and follow the instructions.  Sometimes, under the mugs, oven friendly temperature is written.  (I noted that if your mugs are in ceramics, which is ok too, the temperature must be cooler).

Then voilaaaaaaa.

I started to wash them by hand, but after a while, I put them in the washing machine, and they are still looking awesome.  So that’s cool.

Anyways, I hope you’ll like this, have fun,



As you can see, I didn’t wait long enough on this cup to take off the stickers, so it’s a little bit nasty surrounding the stickers.

PS : you can do this with any kind of porcelain or ceramics, go crazy ! Just remember, if the object is a quality one, the colors might not be as long lasting in time. (because of the quality varnish..see explanation above).








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