Know what you’re worth!

So ok, being generous and being altruistic are good for you, and for people around you.

Somehow, I see it as giving back for what I received (even what I didn’t asked for) from and to the universe. It’s like a balance of things.


In a couple, generosity is most of the time waiting for recognition. At one point or another.  Especially now that our modern society tells you that YOU need to be happy.  Not the world living around you, but YOU.


What about generosity to un-known people.

How about being selfless without even thinking about it?


I believe the true gift is the one you give without waiting anything in return.

It becomes rare, but it remains so beautiful and important for humanity.


What about services?

See that’s where it gets tricky for me.  As a creative, I often give free advices around me.

I don’t mind, it just flows out.

But when I’m asked to do more, like a specific work, it is important that I take a stand.  It’s my work after all.

You are not going to the dentist, have some work done, and not pay at the end!

It’s a job. You don’t fix your teeth yourself because you can’t. You need help.

As for creative stuff. Obviously if you ask for help, it means that you can’t do it.  So why should someone work for free in the creative world.

It’s a job too, for Fruck sake.

Sometimes I’m desperate, I think I heard all the most stupid excuses, reasons that there is no money to pay me… yeah. Sad.

And it’s my fault too of course.

Because of excuses that tear me down, and because I was always scared to take position as an artist and therefore didn’t value myself properly.

For many years, I refused to accept that my work was worth money.  I believed I should give it freely.

Because I’m a generous person. And because I didn’t value myself.


Well fuck that.

I’m generous, I know that.

But I work hard to create.  And even if I love doing it, it’s still a lot of time.

This time is valuable to me.

And I want to be able to live from this.

Otherwise it’s time that I could have with my family, or friends.. or me!

Do you feel me?


My point is: from now on, I’ll set a specific price for my work. I remain open to charity work but I can’t just be that.

It’s stupidly so hard for me to do: set a price.

But I’ll do it.

My work is worth something.

I want to live form my work.

That’s just the way it is.

Ps : since I see many jokes about that on the internet, I think I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Cheers to that, and Cheers mes petits chouxxx de Bruxelles.


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