Utah.  For me there is only one, though.  Ok, two.

The famous one: my friend.  And of course, Keanu Reeves, in that mythical movie Pointbreak.

See, we have that connection; the one that will flow through time (and I’m not talking about our movie taste).

Back then, we discovered ourselves a similar passion: surfing.

Well it’s more than just surfing really, it’s the freedom that is procures.

It’s the entire process.

It’s gonna be a decade soon, my friend. And we heard it all. You are still here, as are we.


Thank you for you uniqueness, and for you patience, and kindness.

Friends like you are rare.

We are grateful.

With Love,

PS : I still need to offer you that shirt !

To the others, you can find it on Spreadshirt :Utah on Spreadshirt

utah sur tshirt




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