Here is a special one for me. I’m the proud godmother of one of my best friend’s boy. His name is Diego, and he is just the best.

In 2014, I was in a dark place when they asked me to endorse this amazing responsibility. Greg and I were just about to accept my second miscarriage. Our hearts where broken.

But then I saw that little one, so beautiful, so fragile and open to life.

He made me warm, he gave me hope.

A few months later, we were called to baptized him. It was an intensive and spiritual moment for me.

I also wanted to do everything as best as I could, take my role very seriously.

So here it is, as the tradition calls: some « dragées » in boxes to offer the families.

I had such an amazing time creating the « Diego » logo, and then put those candies in  boxes (with the help of my Quatro friends, of course!)…. (and eat half of them…)





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