2 sec about me

It’s a challenge for me to talk about myself 🙂

So, here we go:

I’m an artist, a creative person.

Always on the move, I’m searching for the colour, the pattern, the sound that will inspire me with a splash.

My brain then goes into fireworks mode, everything seams possible!

I LOVE mixing different styles and energies to see where it goes.

I also enjoy old-school art and vibe, as well as classical strength.

In the process of sharing, I pay attention, and remain open to someone else’s opinion; I grow a lot from it.

I’ve been a freelance artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

Now I focus my energy in being a CREATIVE CONSULTANT.

I feel lucky that I’m able to do so many different creative adventures; from packaging to logo’s; from Christmas card to birth announcement; from children’s book to full-on wall paintings… and the list goes on and on 🙂

If you are looking for something made for you and unique, with your intentions and my vibes combined, don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you are looking to upgrade your visibility, your graphic style, or if you need creative advises, it’s what I love doing.  I can help you.

Have a bright day,

Be happy



PS : I’m a native french speaker, so sometimes, pardon my english hihi

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